Merlin, came into the care of Tiny Paws Rehoming through no fault of his own. The 3 year old guinea pigs had major health complications and needed some TLC, he spent a week at our vets where they ran various tests to see if they could find the route of the problem; despite eating and drinking, Merlin was dropping a horrendous amount of weight over an extremely short time. The Tiny Paws Team were syringe feeding him through the day and night to try to help maintain his weight. At a loss it was decided that Merlin would visit a specialist, who may be able to shed some light on the situation. It was decided that further tests were needed, so the specialist ran some blood tests and a CT Scan which pointed towards liver failure. He was started on medication immediately in the hope we may be able to turn it around. Merlin came out of the specialist and went straight back into our vets who monitored him 24/7. He slowly declined, stopped eating and the decision was made that he was to suffer no more, and unfortunately we lost him. Merlin was such a sweet pig, had a fantastic personality, he was a firm favourite here at the rescue.

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  • Roxanne says

    To all at Tiny Paws
    I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of Merlin. It’s always truly heartbreaking. My prayers are for the little guy at peace in piggie heaven and thoughts with you all. You’re are all stars. Deepest sympathy Roxy Geall xxx

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