Colder Weather

With the colder weather now setting in, it is important to ensure that your rabbits, guinea pigs and other outdoor animals are fully protected from the extreme weathers. Rabbits who are outside and have been all year round should have grown a winter coat to help keep them warm throughout the winter – however it is important to ensure that hutches are tucked out of the way, whether that be in a shed/garage, or just outside but protected from extreme winds and rain. You can get hutch insulators which help to keep their hutches warm, and protected from the weather.

Bedroom areas should be packed full of hay, we advise against using straw – especially with guinea pigs – they are low riders and the sharp ends of the straw can cause problems with eyes. If you have electricity to your small furries areas e.g a shed, it may be worth investing in a heat lamp, they can be placed in normal light fittings and certainly take the edge off of the cold weather

Tarpaulins are fantastic for keeping hutches dry, and protecting from the wind. If you haven’t got a¬†hutch hugger insulator, it may be an idea at looking to get a tarpaulin to cover the hutch over. Simply place the tarpaulin over the hutch, ensuring it is secure either side, at night and during the day if it is wet and miserable¬†outside.

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