Please meet Skelly

Please meet Skelly

Skelly came into use in a dreadful state – she weighed a mere 1kg, her front teeth were twisted around on themselves, leaving her unable to eat. Found by removal men having been left behind in a garden this little lady came in at less than half her body weight, and was taken straight to the vets.

Skelly underwent surgery to trim her teeth, and to remove an abscess in her ear. After nearly a week in the vets on a drip, recieving around the clock care Skelly was allowed to come home.

She has taken residence in the dining room, and is doing fantastic – she is eating on her own, and although her teeth will need continuing treatment and eventually need removing, she is doing superb. She has gained nearly a kilo, and her ear abscess has healed itself really well.

Whilst Skelly has a long fight ahead of her she is doing fab for the time being.

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