dexyPlease meet Dexy, she is 18 months old, has only three legs and is a gorgeous girl. She came into the care of Tiny Paws Rehoming through no fault of her own, after a night at the rescue we noticed that something wasn’t quite right with her. She was struggling to eat and was very wet around her chin area, like rabbits their teeth continually grow – so we booked her into Harts and she had a dental, at only 300 grams she was a slight anaesthetic risk – but unable to eat there was little choice. A few days after her dental surgery we noticed she was still struggling to eat, and took her back, after very close observation ourselves and the vets came to the conclusion it was potentially a bigger problem than just her teeth, our vet agreed she needed to see an exotic vet, so we booked an appointment with Martin from Chipping Norton Vets the same evening. Who initially thought it could be her jaw was stuck in a position where her teeth had been so long and she couldn’t adjust to having to use her mouth properly, he suggested she stayed with them for a few nights being syringed fed, in the hope she would put some weight on. She stayed from the Thursday and on the Monday Martin decided it would be best to anaesthetise her to have a look what was occurring. It was at this time he was able to have a proper look in and around her mouth, and discovered that the opening to her mouth was so tiny that she was unable to actually get any food in her mouth. It was decided we would go ahead with surgery to widen her mouth. Martin removed tissue each side of her mouth and stitched it up so that she had a wider opening, after a night in the vets being syringe fed she perked up a lot, and started eating nuggets, and forage alone.¬†She was able to come, with antibiotics and critical care we kept her mouth clean and free from infection, the critical care was used to continue her weight gain.

dexy1We mixed baby food in with her critical care to give it a little more flavour. You can see how much she loves it. She was given the all clear on Tuesday by Martin at Chipping Norton Vets, who was extremely pleased with her progress, she has now gained a further 100 grams and is doing really well, eating hay, forage, nuggets and of course she still has a bowl of critical care and baby food.

Tiny Paws Rehoming would like to extend their thanks and gratitude to Martin and the Team and Chipping Norton for looking after her and giving her a second chance at life.

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  • Tracey says

    Hi, I’m looking to adopt a small child friendly bunny, Karen at rabbit Ritz gave me your contact thankyou.

    • tinypaws says

      Hi Tracey,
      If you contact Carol (07725893879) or Sophie (07860353014) one of us will be able to help. We only rehome rabbits in pairs, or to where there is a resident rabbit

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