3 Stray Bunnies

Over a week ago, a knock on the door from a neighbour alerted us to two free roaming rabbits around our front garden. Spending nearly an hour catching the pair of them, we of course made up a warm cosy hutch for them to dry off in, fed them, watered them, took a photo and posted them as found.

We booked a veterinary appointment for them both as they both had severe bite wounds over their bodies. The vets prescribed rest, calm and some antibiotics in the hope that the bites would heal over nicely without forming abscesses.

On our arrival home, sat down for a cup of tea to another knock on the door. A passing neighbour had spotted a small rabbit running around. Bunny number three was on the loose, so we began our mission to catch him. We managed to block him underneath a car and get hold of him. He was in a worse state than the two who we had caught earlier that day.
He was taken straight to the vets, received anti biotics and pain relief.  It was decided that it was purely not coincidence that three rabbits had found themselves thankfully in the right place to receive the care and treatment they needed

All three were males and had evidently been kept together, they had been fighting with each other, spraying each other and were all a little worse for wear. All however are extremely friendly, had been fed well and evidently cared for.

It was very sad to find these three little bunnies running around and can only assume that they were left in desperate circumstances. We try very hard to never turn anyone away who needs help, we had not received a phone call regarding three male rabbits.

We have a waiting list and contacts with other rescues we always help where we can.

Since then bunny number three has had an operation to remove all the abscesses around his back end. He is staying in the vets until he is eating. Keep eye on here to follow their progress.

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