Night ‘n’ Gale

These two bunnies have been through the mill, after coming to us on the 28th December they went straight into the emergency vets! Found straying around the roads they were both in gut statis – a potentially fatal condition in bunnies, they were given the appropriate medication to help get their guts moving again.

The female also had severe ear mites, in both ears inner and outer – around the back of her neck, they were both extremely skinny!

10 Days ago these beautiful rabbits were neutered – a massive thank you to the Rabbit Welfare Association Fund who gave us £100 towards the surgery.

Today they were vaccinated and weighed – in which both of them had gained well over 1 kilo!!

They are now fully ready for rehoming. These lovely – and extremely cheeky bunnies are currently searching for their forever home. They will need a super special home that will be able to provide a large area for them to run around, as well as large sleeping quarters (for example a shed) A hutch will 12651293_10154567044698312_685924588662678465_ndefinitely not be appropriate for these two!!

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