A whole lotta love…

night and gale

These two gorgeous bunnies have now been with us for nearly 3 months!!
They are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and ready to find a home of their own. They have so so much love to give after a rocky start to 2016 these two certainly deserve the best.

Due to their large size people often dismiss them easily, whilst they may not be cuddly bunnies they certainly love to love. They have the most amazing attitudes and real character. They will need a large area to live in (shed or playhouse etc) and will also need plenty of room to stretch their legs.

Their background is very much unknown, they came in as strays found on the side of the road. Both of them were taken to emergency vets due to severe ear mites, and gut statis – a potentially fatal condition in rabbits. With lots of TLC and medication to help the guts move again, and to clear the ear mites they began to find their feet.

They were both severely mal-nourished and had extreme hock sores on their feets, this got better as time went on. Now they are up to full health and are happy bunnies.

The male (brown) is confident, loves to follow you around and ‘help’ with daily cleaning, the female like wise is very loving often greeting you at the door. Both love their food and eagerly await dinner time.

They are looking for a home together, where they have room to run play and stretch their legs – if you think you could offer them an amazing home please get in touch with the rescue. 12651293_10154567044698312_685924588662678465_n

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