About Tiny Paws

Tiny Paws Rehoming is a registered charity (#1158341) based just outside of Bicester, Oxfordshire. We take unwanted and stray animals predominantly small furries such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas etc. The rescue has its own premises and have recently had a new shed built, with custom fitted pens for the rabbits in our care. Every animal that comes into the care of Tiny Paws Rehoming receives a course of worming, flea or mite treatment, each animal is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and receive a full veterinary check prior to rehoming.

The charity is completed self funded through donations, fundraising events, and car boot sales, in which all the money made goes directly to the charity to help with general running costs, veterinary bills etc.  All the animals in the care of Tiny Paws Rehoming have come into the rescue through no fault of their own, the rescue work to rehabilitate animals where required and home them into suitable environments for the rabbits. Tiny Paws Rehoming does not have any animal put to sleep unless there is evidence to suggest that the animal is suffering and all routes have been explored.

Tiny Paws Rehoming will only rehome animals that are fit and well, no animal is rehomed if there is any suspicion of illness or injury. The rescue have many permanent fosters that stay at the rescue due to on-going medical health issues. All animals adopted from Tiny Paws Rehoming are offered rescue back up for life.

Here you will see just a small percentage of the animals that have passed through the doors of Tiny Paws Rehoming, some requiring extensive veterinary treatment.