The Adoption Process

The Adoption Process:

The Adoption process at Tiny Paws Rehoming is relatively simple. We ask all potential adopters to visit the rescue and meet the small animals that they wish to rehome. A home check may be required. All adoptees are asked to sign and agree to the Tiny Paws Adoption contract which states the following:

  • ┬áNot to dispose of the animal other than back into the care of Tiny Paws Rehoming, including change of circumstances, and unable to keep the adopted animal. Rescue back up is given for life.
  • To keep the animal suitably fed, groomed and well looked after.
  • To seek qualified veterinary advice and attention when deemed appropriate, and in the event of illness and injury.
  • Under no circumstances to use the adopted animal for breeding
  • To have the animal speyed or castrated under qualified veterinary advice if not already done.
  • By signing the adoption form I agree that a trustee of Tiny Paws Rehoming may inspect the adopted animal at any reasonable time, and has the right to repossess the animal is conditions are considered unsatisfactory if there is suspicion or evidence of inhumane treatment or if any of the above conditions are not complied with.
  • Any information known is given at the time of adoption on any health issues. No responsibility can be taken for health issues that may later arise.
  • By signing the adoption contract you agree to all above conditions.

After the adoption contract has been signed, and evidence of suitable accommodation for the rabbit has been seen, the adoption process is complete. Rabbits go to their new homes with an adoption pack which includes:

– Details of our vets, should people wish to use them, or have records transferred.

– Contact details for the rescue should any problems arise, or if any advice is needed.

– Information regarding insuring your pets through Petplan (rabbits only).

– The RWA official rabbit care guide ‘Hop to It’ – which provides important information on every aspect of rabbit care.

– ‘Forage and Find’ A guide to wild nutrition for your bunny.

– And lots of other helpful information sheets to provide you with all you need to know about your rabbit.