Support Tiny Paws

How can I help Tiny Paws Rehoming?:

There are many ways to help Tiny Paws Rehoming, donations are always gratefully received and make such a difference to the rescue. There are many events that Tiny Paws takes part in, these can be found under the Events Page

Sponsored Events:

Tiny Paws Rehoming are always looking for people to complete crazy sponsored events, last year Sophie and Laura done a sponsored skydive raising just over £2000 for Tiny Paws. We now have our own sponsorship form, if you are up for a challenge, whether that be a sponsored silence, sponsored swim, or a sponsored sit in a bath tub of bake beans… if you feel that its something you could do you can download our Sponsorship form

Loose Change:

Could you help Tiny Paws by donating your loose change, maybe you have somewhere you could put one of our collection tins. Maybe its something you could do from home. You can download one of our Tiny Paws Money Box.

Car Boots:

Throughout the spring and summer the Tiny Paws Team are bound to be somewhere in the Oxfordshire country side car booting raising much needed funds for the rescue. Could you spare a Sunday Morning to help with a car boot sale, or perhaps you have some items that could be sold on behalf of Tiny Paws.



How to help Tiny Paws without spending money: 

  • Tiny Paws Rehoming have an Easy Fundraising page set up which doesn’t cost you a penny. You can do your shopping through the following link and each shop donates a percentage of the money spent back to Tiny Paws Rehoming. There are over 2000 retailers that will contribute, it’s a great way to raise money for tiny paws and doesn’t cost you any extra.
  •  Petplan 4 Weeks Free Insurance: Yes you can insure your rabbit, and it is a great idea. They cover any surprise illnesses, they offer 4 weeks free insurance for rabbits adopted out from Tiny Paws, if you then take out the annual policy they donate some of this back to Tiny Paws. Please find a leaflet enclosed in your rabbit packs with our personal rescue number on when calling petplan to activate your four weeks free insurance quote the reference number. Any policies taken out after the four weeks a 10% donation will be donated back to Tiny Paws Rehoming, the same for every year after it is renewed.
  • We feed our rabbits here on Burgess Excel, the company allow rescues to get free bags of food once they have submitted a number of bar codes from the bags of food. You can help us collecting your barcodes off the bags of food and sending them back to Tiny Paws Rehoming.


  • We have a company who collect stamps and donate the money back to charity, we have an account with them, if you have used stamps please save them up and get in touch so we can arrange collection.
  • Pets at Home offer lifelines with their VIP club, if you are a VIP card holder you can donate your lifelines to Tiny Paws Rehoming.
  • If you are near by, we are always looking for volunteers, whether that be to cuddle a bunny, help with the mucking out, or help with fundraising events.