Success Stories

Albus & Aberforth

“Rweb1 albus and aberforthehoming guinea pigs is such a rewarding experience, from the daily cuddles to the popcorning round their play pen. Tiny Paws do a brilliant job and I am extremely grateful to them for everything they’ve done for the boys (now named Albus and Aberforth) and I can’t recommend them enough. I now have two extremely happy new members of the family and wouldn’t change them for the world.”


Willow & Xanderweb2 Willow and xander

“As you know, until recently my partner and I had a single female rabbit (willow!) who became very lonely, partly because we were too scared to try and bond her with a friend. Carol offered to take her in for a few days and bond her with a neutered boy, and that’s how we came to adopt Xander! The pair are now inseparable, and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much to everyone at Tiny Paws! “



Clover & Sparklesweb3 clover and sparkles

“Here is Clover (who I adopted from Tiny Paws in August ) with his wifey Sparkles. I adopted him because our male bunny died and I needed a friend for sparkles. With the help of Carol bonding them together they hit it off well. On returning home, sparkles became territorial so after a few messages sent back and forth to Carol with her reassurance I left them to settle and now they are the best of friends and snuggle up together. The best decision I made was to adopt Clover.”


web4 lucy“Lucy was adopted from Tiny Paws Rehoming around 18 months ago, since then she has grown into a wonderful little pig. With restricted sight she does remarkably well. She loves her home comforts, especially her beds and blankets. She has a great personality, and is loved dearly. After being poorly for some time Lucy came back to Tiny Paws temporarily where after seeing our vet and given some stronger antibiotics was fighting fit again in no time. She is now back at home, living the life of riley”




web5 phineas“I adopted Phineas early 2014, to live with Ferb, my orginal guinea pig whose friend had unfortunately passed away. Sadly after a while it became clear that Phineas and Ferb were not a match made in heaven. Phineas now lives with Sheldon. He is a curious little piggie, always wanting to see what I have bought him, and gets very excited at the thought of greens. He is not the noisiest guinea pig I have, but he is cute, all the same”

 web6 alan and steveAlan & Steve

“Alan and Steve! Very intelligent little skinny pigs who have learnt that the big white box we humans call a fridge contains carrots and if they squeak loud enough for long enough mummy or anybody else who comes round will give them carrots to avoid getting a migraine!”