Chinchilla – Bonding

Bonding chinchilla is always a difficult and nerve racking task. They are very territorial and when it comes to bonding it can cause fighting and potential harm being caused. However it is recommended that each chinchilla has a cage mate. Litter mates will live happily together. When bonding chinchillas it is always best to put them next to each other in their cages, so they can see but not touch. Giving them time to adjust to another chinchilla.

If you are bonding a mixed sex pair, ensure that the male is neutered, and has fully recovered from the operation. It is thought that females are more territorial than males.

It is suggested to introduce chinchillas slowly, starting with the cage, swapping sand baths in order to get used to their scent. Then crunch comes to crunch introducing them completely. It must be in a smaller space, but something that is easily accessible if anything goes wrong and they need to be separated. Although be wary of putting your hands in to separate fighting chinchillas, the confusion could end up in someone getting bitten.

Once certain that the chinchillas are happy with each other and there is no potential of fighting it is important to make sure they have a new cage to go into, as to not cause any problems with dominance. New cages, and enough toys, treats, food bowls to share between them.

It is possible to bond multiple chinchillas however again it is a process that should be done slowly, bit by bit, and definitely in cages next to each other.