Chinchilla – Diet

Chinchillas are herbivores, they have sensitive stomachs and require specific foods to ensure a healthy lifestyle for them. There are many commercial foods available on the market in which it is recommended that your chinchilla should have, Chinchilla nuggets are available from different retailers such as Burgess, Science Selective and Pets at Home. It is important that your chinchilla has access to nuggets all the time.

Hay is also another important factor in their diet, like rabbits, Chinchillas teeth continually grow, hay helps to keep their teeth trim, hay is also important in ensuring that their digestive system is functioning properly. Hay should be available 24/7. A hay rack is a good way of offering hay, many chinchilla cages have one already built in. There is a wide range of different hay available, some have herbs in such as marigold.

As with all animals it is vital to ensure that your Chinchilla has access to water at all times, the water should be checked twice daily. Water should be fresh, and changed daily. Chinchillas can become seriously ill without access to water.

Sudden changes in their diet can cause upset to their digestive system, it is important to introduce new foods slowly, mixing them with old foods so that your Chinchilla can adapt to the change. Introducing new foods suddenly can upset their digestive system and cause your Chinchilla to become very ill.

It is important to ensure that your Chinchilla is eating plenty and passing plenty of normal droppings. If any of this changes, or you are generally worried about your chinchilla it is important to always seek qualified veterinary advice.