Chinchilla – Exercise

Exercise is extremely important for chinchillas, they should have exercise outside of their cage for at least 1-2 hours per night (they should be supervised throughout as they do like to chew, and can get into areas that they perhaps shouldn’t)

Without exercise outside of their cages, chinchillas can become depressed, neurotic, and become anxious. Some chinchillas can chew their fur a sign of distress, as well as this some may loose their mobility and can suffer with loss of muscle toning. In the wild chinchillas can jump up to 6ft and spend all their time moving around. A chinchilla can never have too much exercise.

It is important to chinchilla proof the room they are to exercise in, they can be destructive. All electrical wires should be removed, all holes and small gaps should be blocked off, and any other heavy objects that could cause your chinchilla harm should be removed, prior to allowing your chinchilla out of their cage.

Providing your chinchilla with toys outside of the cage can stop your chinchilla chewing skirting boards, carpets etc… It is important that your chinchilla comes out to play, and are not continually held, or cuddled, unless they wish to be. Although exercise time is a good time to get your chinchilla use to being touched.