Chinchilla – Handling

Chinchillas have luxurious coats, they require daily bathing to maintain the coat. It is a protective feature against predators, many chinchillas will ‘throw off’ hair when you try to handle them. This is a design in order if a predator attacks they are left with a mouthful of fur, whilst the chinchilla escapes.

Chinchillas do not particular enjoy being held, they are fragile creatures and can be easily broken if grabbed, or held to tight. There tails are very delicate, if pulled they can break off, so it is important to remember that when trying to catch your chinchilla never grab their tails.

When holding a chinchilla it is suggested to place two hands underneath them and scoop them towards your chest, however chinchillas are fast, and can move extremely quickly. Bringing the chinchilla into your chest will help to reassure them and ensure that they feel secure. Ensuring they feel secure is important, if they do not feel safe they are likely to wriggle and squirm.

When holding your chinchilla you must be attentive, they will wriggle and squirm, more so if they feel unsafe, or insecure. However if a chinchilla falls from a great height they can cause some serious damage. It is always an idea to handle your chinchilla regularly and from as early age as possible this will help with the handling process with your chinchilla.