Chinchilla – Health Care

There are many different aspects to caring for your chinchillas health, you should check your chinchilla daily for any fur loss, wetness around they eyes, nose or mouth, to ensure they are still eating.

Chinchillas teeth continually grow, and therefore any changes in the amount they are eating could indicate a dental issue, as well as this any drooling or wetness around the mouth could also indicate a dental issue. Even if your chinchilla has had loads of hay, and toys to gnaw on they could still develop dental issues. If in any doubt about dental issues please consult a vet.

It is important to monitor your chinchillas behaviour, any changes in behaviour could also indicate a health issue. Chinchillas are thought to have a similar pain threshold to humans, however do not give outwardly signs of any pain or illness due to their prey status until they are suffering a lot. It is important that you are on the ball and watching for any changes that could indicate a medical or health issue with your chinchilla.

In any situation where you are unsure if there may or may not be a medical or health issue with your chinchilla it is always advisable to seek qualified veterinary advice from a professional.