Chinchilla – Housing

Ensuring that your chinchilla has a suitable place to live is vital, they can be wary creatures, and are easily scared. They rely on their houses to provide a ‘safe’ environment for them, if your chinchilla doesn’t feel safe it may sleep on a shelf higher up.

Chinchillas should be kept inside, they do not do well if they get too hot, and equally if they get too cold. They should be out of drafts and damp conditions. Cages should be suitable sizes for the amount of chinchillas you have living in one, they should all have room to get away from each other if needed. As well as this, alternative bottoms to the cages can be important, long periods of time stood on wire bottomed cages can cause problems with their feet, a wooden nesting box, branches, hammocks and shelves are all good ideas to include in your chinchillas cage.

It is important that you chinchilla is in a safe and secure environment away from any other pets you may have. They are prey creatures and will not feel safe with other animals close by. They should be in a quiet and calm area where they are able to feel secure. Providing these essentials for your chinchilla will help to gain the trust of them, they will feel more relaxed in a quiet and calm environment.