Chinchilla – Toys

Chinchilla toys are a massive part of caring for your chins, they are active creatures, love to chew and can be destructive. They should have toys to play with in their cage, as well as outside of their cage. There are different types of toys you can provide for your chinchilla ranging from chewing sticks, wheels, things to jump on and off, tunnels to hide in, hammocks and more.

Toys help to keep your chinchilla entertained, outside of the cage it may help to stop your chinchilla chewing carpets, skirting boards, walls etc. Inside the cage gnawing toys contribute to the dental health of your chinchilla helping to file down their teeth. Chinchillas are inquisitive and love to explore and play. Providing them with the essentials will help to prevent your chinchilla from getting bored.

Some people decide to make their own chinchilla toys, it is important to look into which wood is considered safe for a chinchilla to gnaw on. Cardboard boxes and tubes are a fantastic source of entertainment for your chinchilla.