Chinchilla – Treats

Chinchillas are herbivores, and survive on roots, grass and plants. A chinchilla can live without treats, providing they are given pellets and hay to feed on however treats are a great way to make friends with your chinchilla, they love raisins, however it is extremely important to note that it should be fed in moderation. They have extremely sensitive digestive systems and over indulgence and lead to upset stomachs. Too many treats can cause further health issues with your chinchilla and lead to weight issues.

Commercial treats such as yoghurt drops and seed etc should again be fed in moderation, they have a high sugar and fat content and are considered extremely unhealthy for your Chinchilla. Too many treats can lead to diarrhoea and bloating – which can be fatal.

Treats can be used for training your chinchilla, and to make friends with your chinchilla. If they are wary of humans treats can help build that bond. Treats should always be offered to your chinchilla and not mixed in with their food. Chinchillas are selective feeders and will pick out the bits they enjoy often leaving the rest. It is important to remember when offering treats that chinchillas rely mostly on their sense of smell, their eyes are on the side of their heads and they may not be able to see as well as you think, it may be that your chinchilla nips you by accident because of this.