Guinea Pig – Exercise

All guinea pigs require out of hutch time, whether this be in a run outside on the grass (weather permitting) or inside in a room that has been guinea pig proofed. Guinea pigs love spending time on the grass – they make fantastic lawn mowers! If you guinea pig does have access to grass, it is important to reduce their daily greens so as not to cause any stomach upset.

Guinea pigs are inquisitive and love to play, chew, hide – therefore equipping your run with the basic essentials in a must! Tunnels to run through and hide in can be bought from Pets at Home, or you can use drain piping – providing it is wide enough for your pig, and they wont get stuck!

If your guinea pig is indoors and runs around a room, make sure it is guinea pig safe –

  • All wires should be out of reach of your guinea pig, they may chew through them and cause themselves an injury.
  • Some houseplants can be poisonous to guinea pigs, it is always best to check prior to allowing your guinea pig have free range. If there is any uncertainty always make sure the plant is out of reach.
  • Ensure there are no small gaps that your guinea pig can squeeze themselves into, again this can cause them harm, and they may not be able to get out.
  • Make sure everyone in the house is aware that the guinea pigs are out, so as not to stand on them, or leave doors open so they can escape.

Daily exercise helps to keep your guinea pig active and entertained.