Guinea Pig – Health Care

There are many aspects to looking out for your Guinea Pigs health.

Guinea pigs require nail trims every so often, it varies between each guinea pig as to how often. It is important to note that guinea pigs have a blood supply to their nails called the ‘Quick’. When cutting your guinea pigs nails you should take care not to cut too close to the quick, if you catch this it will bleed. Guinea pigs may squirm and wriggle when it comes to nail clipping, it is a two person job, one to hold and one to cut. If you are unsure about cutting your guinea pigs nails, Tiny Paws Rehoming can help. If you are not local, you can contact your local Veterinary Practice who will be able to help.

Guinea  pigs can get mites and lice, you can check for lice by looking through your guinea pigs fur. Mites are usually detected by hair loss. You are able to treat both of these with an anti parasite treatment, it must contain ivermectin. If unsure, always consult your vet.

There are lots of different ways to check if your guinea pig is happy and healthy, its important to check they have clear eyes and ears, make sure they have not lost a significant amount of weight, to ensure they are eating, if they seem wheezy, are particular lethargic. If you guinea pig does not seem their usual self its always best to check with a vet. Who will be able to advise you further.

It is always advisable in any incidence of illness or injury to seek qualified veterinary advice.