Guinea Pig – Company

Guinea pigs are naturally social creatures, and love company. If you have a single guinea pig, it may be an idea to look at getting them a friend. Boars (males) can be castrated, if you wish to pair your male with a female look into castration, it is also important to note that male guinea pigs are still fertile 4-8 weeks after castration and should be kept separate.

It is advisable not to neuter your sow (female) it is a massive op. Females can live quite happily together in pairs or in a group, providing they are all laid back and have enough space. You can add a neutered male to a group of females.

Three is a crowd… Male pairings can work, providing that both males are laid back and supervision is essential throughout the bonding process. Any more than two males in a bonding can cause problems, you often find that one gets single out and bullied. As well as this, adding more than one neutered male into a group of females can also cause problems.

Bonding your guinea pig with another can be difficult, personality of your guinea pig can play a big part of which friend to pair them with. Tiny Paws Rehoming can help you bond your guinea pig up, if we have any single guinea pigs in that would be suitable. It is vital that the bonding process is closely supervised, guinea pigs can cause some serious damage to each other if they fight, as well as to you if you stick your hand in between. In all the confusion they may mistake your hand for something else.

Dominance is the deciding factor on whether a bond is going to work or not, there are many ways in which guinea pigs try and decide who is the dominant pig. This behaviour can be mistaken for them fighting, or not getting along – sometimes it can just be a case of them ‘sorting out the dominance’. If you are at all unsure about bonding your guinea pig, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have plenty of experience and are more than willing to help.