Guinea Pigs – Housing

Guinea pigs, can be kept indoors or outdoors. During the colder months, if you have outdoor guinea pigs,  it is advisable to move your guinea pigs indoors or into a more sheltered area i.e a shed. Guinea pigs do not do well in the cold. If you guinea pig is outside you can purchase hutch huggers which are a thermal insulator that cover the hutches and help to keep your pigs warm, hay is also a great insulator, fill their bedroom areas with lots of hay.

Indoor Guinea Pigs should have a decent sized cage, as well as access to an outdoor run (weather permitting). Guinea pigs love being out on the grass, playing and hiding in tunnels etc. You can purchase runs from pet shops such as Pets at Home.

It is important to note that if your guinea pigs are indoor guinea pigs moving them outside should only be done when the weather is warm. If you move them from a warm environment to a cold one, it can cause health issues such as pneumonia.

You can purchase guinea pig houses for them to hide in, and as a bedroom area for them. They come in different shapes and sizes, but during colder months it is always best to fill these with as much hay as possible. Hay acts as a insulator to help keep them warm.