Rabbit – Exercise

The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund recommends a minimum hutch size of 6′ x 2′ x 2′, which allows rabbits some room to move, stand on their hind legs and enough space for the food, toilet and sleeping areas to be kept apart. It is commonly accepted that a rabbit should have at least enough space for 3 hops.  The RWAF also operate under the thought that a hutch is not enough

Rabbits are active animals and need lots of space to exercise. There hutches should be though of as burrows, not as prisons. They require somewhere else to move, whether this be a run in the garden or attached to hutch. Bunnies love space to spend days eating grass and binkying around. In colder months, when the weather is wet and miserable, a tarpaulin can be used to cover the run to keep your bunnies dry.

There are many hutches, and runs available on the market, however if you have a bunny proof garden your rabbits may enjoy a jog round the garden. Remember Rabbits love to dig and can dig out of places in a very short period of time. If you are unsure about whether your garden is bunny proof it is always recommended that you provide a large run instead.

As well as access to runs, rabbits love to play with toys; tunnels, things to chew on and throw about, items they can jump on, as well as this they love digging. Some people give their rabbits a sand pit so they can enjoy a dig around in their.

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