Rabbits – Health Care

There are lots of things to look out for in rabbits and some nasty diseases that your rabbit can pick up. Diseases like VHD and Myxomatosis can be prevented by vaccinating your rabbit, a simple yearly combi vaccination helps keep these two horrible diseases at bay, whilst they do not completely eliminate your rabbits chances of getting the disease, they minimise it hugely, and if they are unlucky to catch it, its a much milder form and can usually be treated.

A simple health check of your rabbit can be easily completed by yourself, check nails – make sure they are not too long and not digging into your rabbits feet or causing any discomfort. A vet or a vet nurse can help you cut your rabbits nails if needed, if you are local to Tiny Paws Rehoming pop by and we will help you cut them.

Rabbits teeth continually grow, hay helps to keep them in check, however sometimes they grow too long and can cause problems for your bun such as spurs, and even cut into the gums. You may notice that you rabbit isn’t eating or has a dribbly mouth. These are two of the most common signs of teeth issues with your rabbit. If you rabbit is happy to be handled and its something you can check yourself its important to keep an eye on them. However, rabbits have teeth at the back that are not as visible, if you suspect your rabbit has any teeth issues its best to get them checked by a vet.

It is important to feel your rabbits over, making sure there are no lumps, wounds, or anything out of place. Lumps can be abscesses, which need urgent veterinary attention.

There are lots of illnesses that rabbits can get, you can find out more information by following these links on some of the problems rabbits can face:

In any situation, where you are worried that your rabbit is not right, or if there is evidence of illness or injury, it is always advisable to seek qualified veterinary advice.

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