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With Thanks to Fast Labels

The guys at Fast Labels very kindly donated some labels for us. They look awesome

Family Fun Day & Dog Show 2017

2017 Calendars

We now have our 2017 calendars in stock. They are available for a small cost of just £8 (and can be posted for just £2.85)
They are full to burst with lovely pictures of small animals. The funds raised from the sale of calendars will go directly to benefit the animals in our care. Paying for ongoing veterinary costs, renovation works, general care and upkeep…..

If youd like to order one please send a message to Tiny Paws…. 14642396_10153980847106381_7916326592477675119_n

New Pens – At Last!!

14222103_10155233356098312_4607884749130094749_nOur new shed is finally up and running (hooray) with custom built pens – perfectly sized for bunnies.

The project has been on going since the beginning of the year due to a few technical difficulties here and there. However we are now pleased to announce it is all finally finished and in use. And the bunnies just love it <3

A massive thank you to every one who donated money to help us reach our final goal, it is such an amazing building and gives the animals in our care more space.

Lovely to see them binkying around.

A whole lotta love…

night and gale

These two gorgeous bunnies have now been with us for nearly 3 months!!
They are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and ready to find a home of their own. They have so so much love to give after a rocky start to 2016 these two certainly deserve the best.

Due to their large size people often dismiss them easily, whilst they may not be cuddly bunnies they certainly love to love. They have the most amazing attitudes and real character. They will need a large area to live in (shed or playhouse etc) and will also need plenty of room to stretch their legs.

Their background is very much unknown, they came in as strays found on the side of the road. Both of them were taken to emergency vets due to severe ear mites, and gut statis – a potentially fatal condition in rabbits. With lots of TLC and medication to help the guts move again, and to clear the ear mites they began to find their feet.

They were both severely mal-nourished and had extreme hock sores on their feets, this got better as time went on. Now they are up to full health and are happy bunnies.

The male (brown) is confident, loves to follow you around and ‘help’ with daily cleaning, the female like wise is very loving often greeting you at the door. Both love their food and eagerly await dinner time.

They are looking for a home together, where they have room to run play and stretch their legs – if you think you could offer them an amazing home please get in touch with the rescue. 12651293_10154567044698312_685924588662678465_n

Renovation Works

Tiny Paws Rehoming is currently undergoing renovation work to replace the main sheds in order to provide better accommodation for the animals in our care. This unfortunately means we are unable to take in any small furries at current. Please bear with us 8-10 weeks whilst we get sorted. Thanks for your support!

Night ‘n’ Gale

These two bunnies have been through the mill, after coming to us on the 28th December they went straight into the emergency vets! Found straying around the roads they were both in gut statis – a potentially fatal condition in bunnies, they were given the appropriate medication to help get their guts moving again.

The female also had severe ear mites, in both ears inner and outer – around the back of her neck, they were both extremely skinny!

10 Days ago these beautiful rabbits were neutered – a massive thank you to the Rabbit Welfare Association Fund who gave us £100 towards the surgery.

Today they were vaccinated and weighed – in which both of them had gained well over 1 kilo!!

They are now fully ready for rehoming. These lovely – and extremely cheeky bunnies are currently searching for their forever home. They will need a super special home that will be able to provide a large area for them to run around, as well as large sleeping quarters (for example a shed) A hutch will 12651293_10154567044698312_685924588662678465_ndefinitely not be appropriate for these two!!

Two Stray Bunnies


10290151_10153313536121381_5609132483419156722_nTwo stray bunnies came into the care of Tiny Paws Rehoming at the end of December, they required extensive veterinary care due to extremely severe ear mites, sore hocks and gut statis.

Gut statis can be fatal in a rabbit if not caught in time – it is caused by the guts not moving over properly there can be many reasons for this most commonly stress – which in turn stops rabbits eating thus causing gut statis.

The two bunnies are now doing wonderfully, both putting on weight, ear mites have been treated and are no longer a problem, and after weeks of soft bedding little ladies feet are begging to heal up.



Every Third Thursday of the Month!!!!

The Nightingale in Bicester hold a charity quiz every Thursday – our night is the Third Thursday of the month!

The proceeds from the night directly benefit Tiny Paws Rehoming – and it would be lovely to see more of our supporter there!


Upcoming Auction…..

Each year, the Tiny Paws Team hold an annual Christmas auction, this year we have some really amazing prizes coming in to be auctioned off.
The support from the local community has been fantastic, watch this space to find out more details about it,


if you think you could offer an auction prize for us please get in touch 🙂

3 Stray Bunnies

Over a week ago, a knock on the door from a neighbour alerted us to two free roaming rabbits around our front garden. Spending nearly an hour catching the pair of them, we of course made up a warm cosy hutch for them to dry off in, fed them, watered them, took a photo and posted them as found.

We booked a veterinary appointment for them both as they both had severe bite wounds over their bodies. The vets prescribed rest, calm and some antibiotics in the hope that the bites would heal over nicely without forming abscesses.

On our arrival home, sat down for a cup of tea to another knock on the door. A passing neighbour had spotted a small rabbit running around. Bunny number three was on the loose, so we began our mission to catch him. We managed to block him underneath a car and get hold of him. He was in a worse state than the two who we had caught earlier that day.
He was taken straight to the vets, received anti biotics and pain relief.  It was decided that it was purely not coincidence that three rabbits had found themselves thankfully in the right place to receive the care and treatment they needed

All three were males and had evidently been kept together, they had been fighting with each other, spraying each other and were all a little worse for wear. All however are extremely friendly, had been fed well and evidently cared for.

It was very sad to find these three little bunnies running around and can only assume that they were left in desperate circumstances. We try very hard to never turn anyone away who needs help, we had not received a phone call regarding three male rabbits.

We have a waiting list and contacts with other rescues we always help where we can.

Since then bunny number three has had an operation to remove all the abscesses around his back end. He is staying in the vets until he is eating. Keep eye on here to follow their progress.


dexyPlease meet Dexy, she is 18 months old, has only three legs and is a gorgeous girl. She came into the care of Tiny Paws Rehoming through no fault of her own, after a night at the rescue we noticed that something wasn’t quite right with her. She was struggling to eat and was very wet around her chin area, like rabbits their teeth continually grow – so we booked her into Harts and she had a dental, at only 300 grams she was a slight anaesthetic risk – but unable to eat there was little choice. A few days after her dental surgery we noticed she was still struggling to eat, and took her back, after very close observation ourselves and the vets came to the conclusion it was potentially a bigger problem than just her teeth, our vet agreed she needed to see an exotic vet, so we booked an appointment with Martin from Chipping Norton Vets the same evening. Who initially thought it could be her jaw was stuck in a position where her teeth had been so long and she couldn’t adjust to having to use her mouth properly, he suggested she stayed with them for a few nights being syringed fed, in the hope she would put some weight on. She stayed from the Thursday and on the Monday Martin decided it would be best to anaesthetise her to have a look what was occurring. It was at this time he was able to have a proper look in and around her mouth, and discovered that the opening to her mouth was so tiny that she was unable to actually get any food in her mouth. It was decided we would go ahead with surgery to widen her mouth. Martin removed tissue each side of her mouth and stitched it up so that she had a wider opening, after a night in the vets being syringe fed she perked up a lot, and started eating nuggets, and forage alone. She was able to come, with antibiotics and critical care we kept her mouth clean and free from infection, the critical care was used to continue her weight gain.

dexy1We mixed baby food in with her critical care to give it a little more flavour. You can see how much she loves it. She was given the all clear on Tuesday by Martin at Chipping Norton Vets, who was extremely pleased with her progress, she has now gained a further 100 grams and is doing really well, eating hay, forage, nuggets and of course she still has a bowl of critical care and baby food.

Tiny Paws Rehoming would like to extend their thanks and gratitude to Martin and the Team and Chipping Norton for looking after her and giving her a second chance at life.

Please meet Skelly

Please meet Skelly

Skelly came into use in a dreadful state – she weighed a mere 1kg, her front teeth were twisted around on themselves, leaving her unable to eat. Found by removal men having been left behind in a garden this little lady came in at less than half her body weight, and was taken straight to the vets.

Skelly underwent surgery to trim her teeth, and to remove an abscess in her ear. After nearly a week in the vets on a drip, recieving around the clock care Skelly was allowed to come home.

She has taken residence in the dining room, and is doing fantastic – she is eating on her own, and although her teeth will need continuing treatment and eventually need removing, she is doing superb. She has gained nearly a kilo, and her ear abscess has healed itself really well.

Whilst Skelly has a long fight ahead of her she is doing fab for the time being.

Support Adoption for Pets Weekend

The Tiny Paws team will be in our local Pets at Home Store this weekend raising much needed funds for the rescue 🙂


Pop along as see us 🙂

If you could spare a couple of hours over the weekend, please get in touch 🙂


With lots of fundraising events coming up we are looking for donations of items that could be used in a tombola. If you have anything you would like to donate that you think would be suitable please get in touch with a member of the Tiny Paws team, we can arrange drop off or collection.

These events help us to raise much needed funds for the rescue, help with general running costs, feed, bedding, hay and straw, as well as our ever growing vet bills.

All donations are gratefully received.

Facebook Auction

Look out for our online Facebook Auction beginning on the 7th March….. 

There are lots of goodies up for grabs, from days out to games, to kiddies toys to smellies set. Loads of really good quality bits. All proceeds from the Auction will go directly to Tiny Paws Rehoming.

The Nightingale, Bicester

The Nightingale pub based in Langford Village Bicester, has kindly invited Tiny Paws Rehoming along to its quiz night on Thursday 22nd January, with the money raised being donated to Tiny Paws Rehoming. It would be fantastic to see some familiar faces joining in with the fun – they hold a quiz, bingo and some card games – sound like a fantastic night out.

We would like to take the chance to Thank the nightingale and their staff for supporting Tiny Paws Rehoming 🙂

Colder Weather

With the colder weather now setting in, it is important to ensure that your rabbits, guinea pigs and other outdoor animals are fully protected from the extreme weathers. Rabbits who are outside and have been all year round should have grown a winter coat to help keep them warm throughout the winter – however it is important to ensure that hutches are tucked out of the way, whether that be in a shed/garage, or just outside but protected from extreme winds and rain. You can get hutch insulators which help to keep their hutches warm, and protected from the weather.

Bedroom areas should be packed full of hay, we advise against using straw – especially with guinea pigs – they are low riders and the sharp ends of the straw can cause problems with eyes. If you have electricity to your small furries areas e.g a shed, it may be worth investing in a heat lamp, they can be placed in normal light fittings and certainly take the edge off of the cold weather

Tarpaulins are fantastic for keeping hutches dry, and protecting from the wind. If you haven’t got a hutch hugger insulator, it may be an idea at looking to get a tarpaulin to cover the hutch over. Simply place the tarpaulin over the hutch, ensuring it is secure either side, at night and during the day if it is wet and miserable outside.


dougalDougal was a permanent resident at Tiny Paws Rehoming. He came into the rescue through no fault of his own, a lady had rescued him from being fed to a dog, however he did not get on with her guinea pig. He was a slightly temperamental but he was a right character. After a long time fighting various health issues unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our beloved boy. He will be fondly remembered at Tiny Paws Rehoming, he was such a sweet boy – in his own little way.


Merlin, came into the care of Tiny Paws Rehoming through no fault of his own. The 3 year old guinea pigs had major health complications and needed some TLC, he spent a week at our vets where they ran various tests to see if they could find the route of the problem; despite eating and drinking, Merlin was dropping a horrendous amount of weight over an extremely short time. The Tiny Paws Team were syringe feeding him through the day and night to try to help maintain his weight. At a loss it was decided that Merlin would visit a specialist, who may be able to shed some light on the situation. It was decided that further tests were needed, so the specialist ran some blood tests and a CT Scan which pointed towards liver failure. He was started on medication immediately in the hope we may be able to turn it around. Merlin came out of the specialist and went straight back into our vets who monitored him 24/7. He slowly declined, stopped eating and the decision was made that he was to suffer no more, and unfortunately we lost him. Merlin was such a sweet pig, had a fantastic personality, he was a firm favourite here at the rescue.


October…November….December: With the colder months now drawing in, it is important that we keep all our small furries nice and warm. All the guinea pigs at Tiny Paws Rehoming have set up camp in the dining room… (looks like a sea of cages). The sheds, all fully insulated, have now had their heat lamps put up and switched on through the night. If you small furries are outside make sure you take care to keep them nice a snuggly this winter… Hay and Straw are great insulators for bunnies, make sure bedroom areas are crammed full, for Guinea – Pigs just hay would be best… you find with Guinea Pigs as they are such low riders and the straw is quite sharp it can cause problems with their eyes. Hutch protectors/insulators can be purchased from pets at home and other pet stores… they have a insulted interior which keeps heat in, and a waterproof exterior. Some people use old duvets to put over the hutch to keep their bunnies warm, however in wet weather these get damp and are not as effective.


Baby Burst

Babies, Babies and More Babies We have had a baby burst here at the rescue with two rabbits giving birth, one rabbits due to pop any day and a guinea pig due to give birth. Megan our placid little lion head lop came in to rescue through no fault of her own, after a couple of weeks to settle in she was booked in to be neutered. She was sedated and opened up where they found four bubbas, a week later she gave birth, all four healthy and now nearly 3 weeks old bounding around the cage, as well as this two days after she gave birth she took on a surrogate who has also thrived fantastically. She truly is an amazing rabbit mummy.