Chinchilla – Company

Chinchillas are naturally social creature, in their natural environment they live in large herds. It is important that your Chinchilla have a cage mate unless specified by a vet or professional not to. Chinchillas can be kept in same sex, or mixed sex pairs providing that the male is neutered. It is not common for a female to be neutered, but males can be castrated allowing a mixed sex pair to happily live together without breeding.

Ensuring there are enough resources to go round each chinchilla is vital, chinchillas can get scared, and be bullied by another they need room to get away from each other if needed, and should have a nesting box each. There should be a food bowl for each chinchilla.

Chinchillas can live in larger groups, providing their is enough room for them all. They each need places in which they can ‘get away’ from each other. It is important to introduce new chinchilla slowly, and is recommended that they are kept next to each other in separate cages for a while prior to introducing them.