Fly-strike is a nasty condition that all rabbits are potentially at risk of getting. It is where flies lay eggs upon a rabbit, the eggs then hatch causing maggots, which can mature quickly and eat into living flesh. It is an unpleasant condition and causes pain for the rabbit.

Factors that increase your rabbits chances of getting flystrike:

  • Time of year – flystrike is predominantly common during the summer months, however can occur at any time of the  year.
  • Cleanliness – rabbits are more susceptible to flystrike if they do not keep themselves clean.
  • Open Wounds – rabbits with open wounds are also more susceptible to flystrike.

If you find your rabbit has flystrike seek urgent veterinary advice as soon as possible, it can deteriorate quickly.

Ways to prevent or reduce flystrike:

  • F10 Spray – can be purchased through the vets. It deters flys away from your rabbit.
  • Keep an eye on your rabbits cleanliness, if your rabbit has a dirty bottom it is more susceptible to flystrike, therefore keeping your rabbit clean will reduce the chances of flystrike

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