Rabbit – Grooming

If you have a short haired rabbit, grooming is relatively simple, making sure they have a clean and clear back end is essential and a weekly brush with a small brush or comb. Throughout moults your rabbit may require a brush to help get rid of excess fur.

Long Haired rabbits require a lot more work, their entire coat needs daily brushing and combing to ensure there are no knots or tangles. If your long haired rabbit goes an extensive time without being groomed, there will be matts that have to be cut out. Long haired rabbits can be clipped short to help keep their coats nice, helps with daily grooming and stop build up of knots. If you clip your rabbit through the winter months its important to make sure they are warm, either bring them indoors or provide them with a heat bulb, or mat.

When combing your rabbit it is important to note that their skin is delicate and easily ripped, as well as this if cutting your rabbits fur be careful with the scissors, its easy to mistake skin for fur. With long haired rabbits its important to get underneath their top coat, as this is where the mats are usually found. Any matts should be teased out with gently with a comb, or fingers. If it is not possible to brush the matt out it may have to be cut out. When combing try not to pull the matt, as this will also pull the skin causing your rabbit pain. The whole situation can be extremely stressful for your rabbit and it is advisable to always make sure they are not too stressed, and are definitely eating after a grooming session.

If your rabbits matts are extensive and you are unable to brush, or cut them out it may be necessary to contact a groomer, or your vet to ask if they can clipper your rabbit. If your rabbit gets stressed easily it is always advisable to contact your vet who will be able to help and advise further.