Rabbit – Handling

It is important to consistently handle your rabbit. Some rabbits do not enjoy being picked up and cuddled, they can often kick with their back legs, scratching. It is important to get into a routine of regular handling your rabbit so they are use to the experience of it. They are prey creatures, they do not like being on their back, and do not enjoy being up high or carried around.

It is always best to sit with your rabbit and have cuddles, so they feel safer. When picking up your rabbit ensure that you have hold of their entire body and they feel comfortable and secure. They are not like babies and should not be picked up under the arms, or cradled on their backs. This can cause severe stress for your rabbit and lead to further problems.

If your rabbit does not like being handled, work with them slowly, it is possible to turn them around. If you have a large run, sit with your rabbit and encourage them to come to you, allow them to climb on you, and explore, they are inquisitive animals. Allowing your rabbit to make the first moves helps to build the trust in the relationship between yourself and the rabbit. Do not try to move to quickly for your rabbit, make sure they are comfortable.

When its time to bite the bullet and pick them up it is always advisable to come down to their level. As prey creatures, they may see someone standing above them as a threat, panic and run. Where as coming down to their level, and showing them you are not going to hurt them could help to keep your rabbit calm. When attempting to lift your rabbit, place one hand underneath your rabbit, supporting their front end, with your other hand, support their back end, and back legs. Upon lifting your rabbit, bring them into your body as for support.