Rabbits – Indoors or Outdoors

Rabbits can live happily both indoors and outdoors providing that they have enough space.

Outdoor rabbits require more than just a hutch, they can live outside quite happily (providing it is what they are used to) they will need somewhere other than a hutch such as a run, to have space to move, and have daily exercise. The Rabbit Welfare Assosiation and Fund provide a list of all the requirements an outdoor bunny will need:

  • A hutch used as shelter with an exercise run (attached or detached) providing sufficient space for them to run, jump and climb.
  •  Cover or Tarpaulin to protect from extreme weathers
  • Digging box
  • Hay Rack
  • Tunnels to play in
  • Toys to play with
  • Water bottle or bowl (or both)
  • Litter tray
  • Hay ( and lots of it)

As well as outdoors, rabbits can live happily indoors, however some adjustments to your home may be needed, it is important to remember that rabbits do have teeth and can chew, there is a possibility they may chew threw wires, potentially causing themselves an injury. Indoor rabbits need as much space as outdoor rabbits, an indoor cage is fine for them to sleep in but they shouldn’t be shut in all day and night.

It is possible to litter train your rabbits, using a litter tray and some hay place where the rabbits are going, it is better to keep them in a smaller area until they have got the general hang of using a litter tray. Gradually increase the space once they are using the litter tray. Male rabbits, like tom cats, will spray if they are unneutered, it is very important to have your rabbits neutered. If your rabbits are running free they should be supervised they love to chew and will chew anything they can… doors, walls, skirting boards, furniture etc. Providing your rabbit with lots of toys may help to stop them chewing.

It is important to note that rabbits can live both indoors and outdoors, and adapt to their environments quickly. However it is not advisable to suddenly change your rabbits. If your rabbit is an indoor rabbit that you would like to move outdoors, it is best to leave it until the weather begins to warm. The change in temperature can cause illnesses such as pneumonia.